KDxEM WEEK 13: “Gucci" Nike Air Huarache Elite 2 Turf's or Metal Baseball Cleats. These fresh turfs and cleats get the Gucci treatment with the iconic red and green stripe running down the lateral sides of the shoes! 


”Gucci-Inspired” Nike Air Huarache Elite 2 Turf's and Cleats

  • Turnaround Time: Due to high demand and each pair being painted by hand, there is specifc turnaround time on every order through KD Custom Kicks. Please check the "Contact/FAQ's" section for the current turnaround time.


    Returns & Exchanges: Each pair is hand-painted by KD Custom Kicks. Due to each pair being individualized and each shoe being altered from its original form, there are no returns or exchanges on any order placed. Once you have paid and an order is placed, the process to acquire the footwear/equipment, prepare it for painting, paint, finish, and deliver the customized product is already put into motion, and therefore cannot be canceled for any reason whatsoever. 



    *The sale of this product is not promoted by or affiliated in any way with Nike Inc., Guccio Gucci S.P.A., or Gucci America Inc. whatsoever.*